League of Festive Fandoms: Who’s your fandom’s favourite actor or actress?

Which leading or supporting star should fly the flag for your team?

Doctor Who Hub

Welcome Team Doctor Who – and thanks for playing #FestiveFandoms.


This is your Fandom Favourites nomination page, where you can name your favourite actor and actress from the show, who’ll go on to represent you in the Fandom Favourites challenge.

To nominate an actor or actress head to the comments box below and leave their name plus a reason for nominating them. They can have as big or as small a role in the show as you like, but you can only name ONE actor and ONE actress – so have a good think about who your choice is.

And if you want to have a debate about who should represent your team – or have a fandom party – in the comments  then fire ahead!

Nominations will close at 7am GMT on Wednesday December 7th.

Remember, the actor and actress picked to represent your team will go head to head with the representatives from the other teams from 11am GMT on Wednesday December 7th.


Happy nominating!

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