Jimmy Fallon’s team mispronounce Fifty Shades of Grey title and no-one notices

Turns out if you say Cliffy Shaves a Greek, people know what you’re talking about

The Fifty Shades of Grey film is big news right now. It’s not out until Valentine’s Day 2015 (oo-er), but the trailer is already the most-watched of 2014.


Given this and the fact that the book was a storming success, you might think people are familiar with the title of EL James’s steamy page-turner.

However, if you swap the words of the title to make something that sounds kind of like it, such as Fifty Shapes of Grape, or change it to words that sound absolutely nothing like it, such as Fizzy Snacks Are Great, no one actually notices.

To test this theory, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon sent their writer Arthur out onto the streets of New York to ask unsuspecting passers-by for their thoughts on Kimmy Bakes a Cake, 50 Snakes are Great and more…