Jeremy Clarkson loses rental car, asks Twitter for help

The internet responds appropriately

Jeremy Clarkson would, I bargain, ace any pop quiz about cars. Ask the former Top Gear host where he’s left his own hire car however and it’s a different story. Yes, Clarkson managed to misplace a rented Golf R in France. And I panic when I can’t spot mine in a supermarket car park.


Clarkson, who as we now know will front a brand new car show on Amazon Prime Instant Video with James May and Richard Hammond, asked Twitter for help:

Which is when the internet really came alive.

His new employers joined in:

While some thought his former bosses might have something to do with it:

Some were sure it would be in the usual place:

While others spotted an opportunity:

Some say…

Others were pretty sure he was simply re-enacting Dude, Where’s My Car?

While plenty felt it said a lot about Clarkson’s night:

The plot thickened as Clarkson realised he had another car outside and the set of keys for it:

Which was soon resolved, but added another mystery to proceedings…

Clarkson then sent out another plea for the car’s recovery:

James May tried to help:

Although he was more confused by the model of the car than the loss of it:

Some felt Clarkson should take it as a sign:

While others felt there were more pressing matters at hand:

The tech-savvy may want to take note:

As #PrayForClarkson became a thing:

Fans were ready to jump on a plane to help:

Although some thought the car was probably best left to it:

The car, you’ll be relieved to hear, was eventually found:


So delighted is Clarkson, he’s going to rush out and buy his own… oh, er wait.