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James Corden opens #LateLateLondon with emotional ode to the city in the wake of London Bridge terrorist attacks

The London-born presenter began his three-night stint in the capital last night

Published: Wednesday, 7th June 2017 at 8:00 am

To open the three-night stint of his Late Late Show in London, James Corden delivered an impassioned speech encouraging viewers to celebrate the city in the wake of the terrorist attacks at London Bridge.


Walking through the damp, dreary streets of his hometown, he spoke about the incident which felt “incredibly close to home”.

"All of our Late Late Show staff were out in London on Saturday night having a great time, and we’re all staying in a hotel about two minutes away from where the attack took place”, Corden says.

But the comedian was resilient, saying that now was exactly the right time to have fun and be silly.

“Some people might say it’s a strange time to do a variety show from this city. I couldn’t disagree more”, he said.

“We’re going to bring you the silliest, stupidest, most fun-packed shows we’ve ever made, for you to celebrate London, Britain, and everything it has to offer. And, you know what? The people who carried out the attack, they would hate that too.

“I’m so proud to be broadcasting here from my hometown. I’m proud to show off its beauty, its diversity and its stoic British determination to let nothing or anybody stand in our way. This is not a country that feels afraid”.

In typical Corden fashion, he ended on a dry note: “It may be the worst weather in the world, but it’s still my favourite city”.


The Late Late Show has an incredible line-up for its run the capital, including Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and David Beckham to name just a few. The remaining episodes will air on Wednesday 7th June and Thursday 8th June at 10pm on Sky1.


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