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Is this the ultimate Slow TV? Norwegian broadcaster launches week-long live stream of reindeers migrating

Now this is bingewatching

Published: Wednesday, 26th April 2017 at 2:45 pm

Thought Mad Men was slow-moving? You may have missed out on the latest Norwegian television craze, known affectionately as ‘Slow TV’.


It involves millions of viewers tuning in to marathon live broadcasts of seemingly mundane occurrences. Previous versions have included a seven-hour train journey, knitting and salmon fishing – all handily available on Netflix here in the UK for those long nights in front of the fire/TV set.

The UK too has got in on the act, with BBC4 broadcasting a two-hour bus journey through the Yorkshire Dales.

Now though, Norwegian broadcaster NRK has been even more ambitious, broadcasting a live feed of a group of reindeers spring migration across breathtaking landscape in northern Norway.

The journey, from from Šuoššjávri to Kvaløya, is expected to last 5-7 days, though that is up to the reindeers, some of whom have been fitted with antler cameras. A team of cameramen have been preparing the production for months, and are tracking the herd with drones and snowmobiles, but will not influence the reindeer’s course.


Reindeers behave like most humans on a Netflix binge: resting every six hours, taking 1-3 hour naps between sessions before getting up to trod along again, so a significant part of the feed involves cuts of reindeers dozing off in the snow. Still, it remains surprisingly watchable.

It is being broadcasted live on Norwegian television, and international viewers can tune into the online stream.


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