When is Good with Wood’s release date? What you need to know about Mel Giedroyc’s new show

Everything you need to know about Channel 4's new carpentry competition.

Mel Giedroyc

We’ve had competitive cake-baking, dress-making, flower-arranging and craft-creating, but now it’s time for carpentry to get the Bake-Off treatment.


Channel 4 is launching new competition show Good With Wood, a series in which woodworkers are challenged to whittle ambitious builds for a chance to win the carpentry crown.

Presented by comedian Mel Giedroyc, the saucily-named series is bound to be an innuendo-filled furniture-fest that’ll leave you pine-ing for more.

Here’s everything you need to know about the first series of Good With Wood.

When is Good With Wood on TV?

Channel 4 has not yet announced a premiere date for the new hobby competition, but we’ll keep this page updated as and when the news breaks which – touch-wood – will be soon.

What is Good With Wood?

Channel 4’s Good With Wood is a new competition series, which sees a group of woodworkers go head-to-head on ambitious carpentry projects.

Filmed in a stunning woodland setting, each episode centres around a ‘Big Build’, in which the contestants are challenged to create “large and imaginative wooden structures” for the show’s expert judges to examine.

After various competitive rounds, the competing carpenters will be whittled down until only one remains.

Who presents Good With Wood?

Mel Giedroyc and her frequent collaborator Sue Perkins
Mel Giedroyc and her frequent collaborator Sue Perkins
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Good With Wood will be presented by comedian Mel Giedroyc, who previously hosted The Great British Bake Off with her comedy partner Sue Perkins.

She recently starred alongside Perkins in Sky 1 comedy-drama Hitmen, and in the past, has presented BBC One’s The Generation Game, Let It shine and various Eurovision TV events.

“In the words of Ian Faith, the manager of Spinal Tap, ‘… in the topsy-turvy world of heavy rock, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful.’ I would add to that by saying that in the topsy-turvy world of 2020 IN GENERAL, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is pretty much ESSENTIAL,” Giedroyc said in a statement.


“So, if you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise. Good With Wood is going to be something we can all lean on. I can’t wait to make like Edward Woodward and get WOODSWARD.”

Good With Wood does not yet have a confirmed air date. If you’re looking for something else to watch, check out our TV Guide.