George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations homeowner remodels barn in memory of late mother in preview clip

Pub landlord Gordon renovated the family's cattle shed in Stockport to honour his late mother.

George Clarke Exclusive

The latest episode of George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations showcases the tricky transformation of a cattle shed near Stockport into a gorgeous home.


Spearheaded by homeowner Gordon and his partner Lisa, the milk barn – which has been in Gordon’s family for three generations – needs plenty of work when architect-turned-host George Clarke first visits the site.

The couple are keen to keep some of the original features, especially the circular windows, through which Gordon would throw hay when he was a child. George soon learns that, as well as the usual pressures of embarking on a renovation, there’s also an emotional element to Gordon and Lisa’s project: honouring Gordon’s late mother, Doreen.

Take a peek in the exclusive clip below.

Sadly, Doreen passed away shortly after pub landlord Gordon moved into the farm to look after her.

When asked what his parents would think of his plans for the cattle shed and milk barn, Gordon jokes: “‘Why you wasting that money for.’ That’s what my dad would’ve said.”

“My mum would’ve loved it,” he added. “I wish she was still here, and I would have brought her out and she would’ve loved it. Probably whinge about the mess of a garden but it’ll look amazing when it’s done.”

But, of course, nothing is straightforward when it comes to transforming old buildings into functional modern homes. And with COVID hitting right in the middle of the renovation, Gordon and Lisa will face plenty of challenges in their journey to build something Doreen would be proud of.

We’ll have to tune in to the episode to see if they succeed – and, of course, enjoy those panoramic shots of beautiful interiors.


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