“Fabulously intense” Eric Monkman returns to University Challenge: “He’s back and he means business”

We're calling this craze Monkmania...


Most contestants on University Challenge are a little intense, but Eric Monkman has taken things to a whole new level.


The Cambridge University student’s steely determination and shout-y voice has made him an unlikely TV hero. He returned to the show for the quarter-finals on Monday, captaining team Wolfson to victory – and his fans just couldn’t handle it.

Many were impressed by the passionate – and LOUD – way he delivered his answers.

Have we witnessed the birth of the superhero 2016 needs (but doesn’t deserve)?

Or is Monkman more ‘Roy Cropper as a serial killer’? Bit harsh…


Monkman himself has been happy to embrace the fame… in his own idiosyncratic way.