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Who is Belarus' Eurovision 2019 entry Zena?

The Russian language voice of Disney's Moana, just how far will Zena go at Eurovision?

Published: Saturday, 18th May 2019 at 7:12 pm

The Belarusian Dua Lipa you never knew you needed, Zena's Eurovision routine is chockfull of crop tops, synchronised dances, warbling high notes and incomprehensibly fringed latex trousers.


Meet Zena below...

Who is Belarus’ Eurovision singer Zena?

At just 16 years old, Zena (full name Zinaida Alexandrovna Kupriyanovich) is already a veteran of the Eurovision scene — she was a finalist in the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk and came in 3rd place in 2016, before co-hosting the Juniors last year. Zena also voiced the Russian language version of Disney's Moana back in 2016.

She's also a YouTuber and social media star, with over 93,000 subscribers on Instagram and 48,000 and 15 million views on YouTube.

What is Belarus’ Eurovision 2019 song called?

Written by Yuliya Kireyeva, the pop tune is called Like It.

What will Belarus’ Eurovision 2019 song look like on stage?

Now, we're fans of a box on wheels as much as the next person. But Zena has designed her entire performance around them. She'll sit on them. She'll dance around them. And, if we're really lucky, we might even see her move one of two.

What a time to be alive.

What are the odds of Belarus winning Eurovision 2019?

Nothing's set in stone, but it's a catchy tune, and Zena has a pretty impressive social media following. However, most bookmakers aren't predicting Zena will reach the grand final.

How did Belarus do at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest?

Last year Belarus failed to qualify for the Eurovision 2018 final with Alekseev's song Forever.


The Eurovision Song Contest will be held on Saturday May 18th 2019


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