Eric Monkman faced off against Bobby Seagull in a tense University Challenge semi-final

Were you #TeamMonkman or #TeamSeagull?


Forget Sturgeon and May. There was a bigger battle going on yesterday.


Last night’s University Challenge saw fan favourite Eric Monkman going head-to-head with fellow favourite Bobby Seagull in what can only be described as a very tense semi-final.


After answering questions on the likes of Byron and John Locke, it was the Canadian economics student’s team Wolfson from Cambridge that eventually triumphed over Seagull’s Emmanuel with 170 points to 140.

Even Paxman was impressed. “All of you are very, very clever and it was a pleasure to watch this match,” he said. Praise indeed.


The Twittersphere was equally delighted – especially after effervescent Monkman made it through the semis:


Does the #MonkmanforPM campaign start here?