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Eric Monkman belted out the Imperial March on The One Show, because Monkman

The University Challenge star appeared alongside Bobby Seagull to take on Riz Ahmed

Published: Wednesday, 29th March 2017 at 11:12 am

The battle of Eric Monkman’s furrowed brow and Bobby Seagull’s dapper suits may be over, but just like Batman v Superman, the two University Challenge stars joined forces to take on a larger foe: Riz Ahmed on The One Show.


Although the student team captains were rivals on Monday night’s University Challenge – a bout in which Monkman guided his team Wolfson College, Cambridge, to a 170 to 140 victory over Seagull’s Emmanuel College, also from Cambridge – the two teamed up to take on Rogue One star Ahmed (who went to Oxford).

And if you thought this wasn’t a fair fight then you’d be completely right: the Star Wars-based quiz saw Monkman and Seagull come out on top, winning by three points to one. But although Ahmed lost the battle of the brains, he was privileged to witness Monkman deliver a rendition of the Imperial March.

It's every bit as good as you're imagining.

Earlier in the show Ahmed told presenters Michelle Ackerley and Matt Baker how he ensured he'd land the role of Imperial pilot Bodhi in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. "Every minute on the film set costs money... you have to move on, but when I can just do auditions at home, there's no one to stop me," the actor explained.

"So when [director] Gareth Edwards called me up and asked me to audition, he made the mistake of giving me his email address." And abuse that email, he did: Ahmed sent over 14 audition tapes before he was given the role.


See kids, willpower and a bit of e-neediness really pays off.


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