Celine Dion totally nails her impressions of Rihanna, Sia and Cher

Dion doing Row, Row, Row Your Boat in the style of Rihanna's Work is really quite something


Celine Dion is often sent up in celebrity impersonations games, but the tables have been turned and the legendary My Heart Will Go On singer (yeah, we really haven’t let go) has pulled out some epic copycat songs of her own.


Tasked by US chat show host Jimmy Fallon, Dion sings in the style of first Cher and then Rihanna (this involves standing up and some serious twerking)…


…and Sia (yep, the hair comes over the face) Dion proves she’s master of the microphone.


She doesn’t even leave Fallon to do Michael Jackson on his own, providing the backing vocals, too.


Celine Dion, take a bow…