When is Bradley Walsh and Son: Breaking Dad season 3 on TV?

The father-son duo are back for more extreme excursions.

Bradley Walsh and Son

Presenter Bradley Walsh and his son Barney are back on the road for a brand new series of their hit show Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad.


The pair have already gone on two eventful trips around the US – one of which did actually see The Chase host Walsh hurt himself after a bull-riding accident – and now the duo are back for more shenanigans, this time travelling around Europe.

So, when does it start? What can viewers expect from the new series? And will Bradders be OK third time round?

Here’s everything you need to know about season three.

When is Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad on TV?

ITV has confirmed that Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad will return on Monday 11th January at 8pm on ITV as part of ITV’s winter line-up.

It was originally billed to air on Monday 4th January at 8pm on ITV, but it was pushed back on account of Boris Johnson’s latest coronavirus briefing.

A clip show titled Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad: The Unseen Show will air on 28th December at 8:30pm and see the Walshes look back at unseen footage from their previous two American adventures.

Where is Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad filmed?

Previous series have seen the Walshes travel throughout the west coast and southern areas of the US, visiting locations such as LA, Texas, and Florida.  This series the boys will be heading on a European adventure.

Bradley usually spends his holidays on the same old golden beaches of Portugal, so Barney wants to show him exactly what the rest of Europe has to offer, starting in The Netherlands and taking in Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia before finishing in Italy where they’ll visit the Amalfi Coast.

As always, Barney will be pushing his dad to the limits with more thrill-seeking activities like ski-jumping, paragliding and even a bungee jump. They’ll also immerse themselves in the local culture, enjoying everything from Swiss yodelling to Bavarian finger wrestling.

Bradley Walsh and Son
Bradley and Barney

In the first episode, their first stop is The Netherlands, where they try out one of the country’s oldest sports, canal jumping.  The action continues when the pair don lycra for a spot of velodrome track cycling, alongside a world champion, and before they leave the country, father and son take on the world’s tallest freestanding climbing wall.

Speaking of the new series, Barney said: “It was so lovely to do another trip with dad, I feel like I learn more from him every time we do these trips. I really appreciate being able to spend time together and having this quality time and do all these amazing things because not a lot of families get to have this and its so lovely that we get to do that. I know previous series have inspired other families to do the same and that is so amazing to know we can have a positive impact.”

What is Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad about?

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad follows popular actor, presenter, and comedian Bradley Walsh as he is taken on a coming-of-age road trip across the US by son Barney. However, as the name implies the two go through some rather extreme father-son bonding – previous activities have seen the pair fire tanks, go skydiving, and even take part in a local rodeo.

Who is the narrator on Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad?

The narrator is none other than fellow game show host Alexander Armstrong, despite the light-hearted rivalry between their two teatime quiz shows. Armstrong is no stranger to voice work, having voiced the titular character in the recent reboot of Danger Mouse.


Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad starts on ITV on Monday 11th January at 8pm. Visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight, or check out our guide to new TV shows 2020 to find out what’s airing this autumn and beyond.