Netflix to remake reality show The Circle in three new countries including the US

Message – it looks like we haven’t seen the end of the Channel 4 reality series – send

Sian, The Circle (C4)

Channel 4’s social media experiment The Circle has ended, and crowned its winner: catfishing contestant Alex, aka “Kate,” who managed to fool everybody and walk away with the £50,000 prize money AND the £25,000 people’s vote money.


Now, fans will be eagerly waiting to find out whether the series (which follows a group of people interacting via a bespoke, voice-activated social media platform, with the goal of remaining popular within the group) will be back on Channel 4 for another series – but in the meantime, the format has already been snapped up by streaming giant Netflix to create other localised versions of The Circle.

The Video-On-Demand service has struck a major deal with series creators Studio Lambert, and plans to remake the show in the US before adapting it again for at least two more international markets.

“The Circle has already proven to be a compelling, timely, and buzzworthy show,” said Brandon Riegg, Netflix’s Vice President of Unscripted Content, via Deadline.

“We think the show’s combination of modern social media interaction and competition will captivate Netflix members around the world, in multiple languages, and we’re delighted to partner with Studio Lambert and Motion to produce these three new local versions.”

“Social media has radically changed the way we make friends, conduct relationships, argue and even fall in love,” added Studio Lambert CEO Stephen Lambert.

“But how truthful are our online identities? The Circle is a thought-provoking and entertaining way of exploring such questions and the chance to make different versions for Netflix’s global audience was irresistible.”

And given this confidence in the format, we’re betting that we’ll be getting another run of The Circle on Channel 4 in no time. Hashtag facts are facts.


The Circle is available to catch up with on All4