Snoozing during your favourite TV show? This new wristband detects your sleep and records it for you

Wearable technology KipstR is being trialled by Virgin Media and aims to stop snoozing viewers missing their favourite TV shows

Virgin Media is trialling wearable technology this Christmas in the form of KipstR, a bracelet that senses when you’ve fallen asleep in front of the TV and hits record on your TiVO box.


Pretty cool, eh?

The new piece of kit, currently a prototype, measures a user’s heart rate to detect sleep. If you’ve nodded off, it will communicate with your TiVo box to pause and record the current programme being viewed. When you wake up again, your heart rate rises to ‘awake’ levels and your TV show will ping back into action.  

If you’ve fallen asleep out of boredom, well, tough luck. There it is, in your recordings. Whether you want it or not.

And if the technology wasn’t hip enough – up there with the sort of thing you’d have expected The Jetsons to own – its flexible outer casting was produced on a 3D printer. It’s also the brainchild of two teens: Ryan Oliver, 15, and Jonathan Kingsley, 14, students from the Manchester Creative Studio who’ve been working alongside the technology giant. Yup, we’re feeling like under-achievers right now.

Virgin Media hopes the next step in the process is to create wearable technology that monitors emotional reactions in a viewer; automatically tagging up TV shows that evoke the strongest response from them. This probably means Grey’s Anatomy will be eternally blocked from me for the amount of times I sit sobbing on the sofa…   


Virgin Media customers who own a TiVO box can register their interest in trialling the product via the website