What The Wolf of Wall Street is actually about…according to the internet

The Oscar-nominated Martin Scorsese movie is definitely "the last film you'd ever want to watch with your grandparents…"

What’s the best way to describe The Wolf of Wall Street to someone who’s never seen it? Well, it’s that movie with a lot of guys in suits going nuts, Leonardo NoOscaro yelling a lot, and Jonah Hill becoming the “fat, funny guy in a Scorsese movie.”


Well, at least that’s how Honest Trailers has billed it. 

Using (mostly blurred) clips highlighting the utter debauchery of the film, Honest Trailers gives its patented no-nonsense explanation of the Oscar-nominated film with a rate of 3.16 f-bombs per minute.

“Watch as the guy who stole Best Actor stops by to pound his chest right in front of Leo’s f**king face,” says the trailer, referring to Matthew McConaughey, or as they call him, Dallas Oscar Stealers Club.

Great Scorsese movie highlighting the rise and fall of a Wall Street tycoon, or a three-hour party full of excess, drugs and cursing? You decide…