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Viewers desperately want a third series of The Missing – but only if Julien Baptiste survives

The French detective has won legions of fans in The Missing series two – but with his future hanging in the balance, is there any chance of another case for Julien Baptiste?

Published: Wednesday, 30th November 2016 at 7:30 pm

"There was Hercule Poirot, and today we have Julien Baptiste!” The Missing's lead actor Tchéky Karyo is convinced there could be more series to come from the gripping BBC1 thriller – and it seems viewers agree.


With one more episode to go in the current run, the fate of the French detective hangs in the balance. Will he discover what really happened to missing girls Sophie Giroux and Alice Webster, or will he finally succumb to the brain tumour he has been battling the entire series?

Fans are hopeful of a third series for The Missing, written by Harry and Jack Williams, on one condition: Julien Baptiste must live to solve another case.

"I would love another series but I want Baptiste in it," says Sam Wood on Facebook. "My blood is running a chill after the cliffhanger ending tonight. The wait for next week is going to be painful!"

"Tchéky Karyo is incredibly charismatic in the part and his character has to survive because we want MORE of this compelling drama!" adds Linda King.

Luke Joseph Emmett writes, "The BBC have something extraordinary in Baptiste, a character whom no matter what big actors come in - everyone loves Baptiste! Series 3 Please!"

With all the hopes of a series three, there is also the fear that this case could be Baptiste's last.

"He looks like a dead man walking, surely he is too far gone with his illness to survive," worries Paul Cooke.

The final word goes to Lynn Shutt, who calls Baptiste "my super hero".

"This is the most incredible storytelling. Roll on the final. Congrats to the whole team responsible for this drama. It takes concentration and is exhausting but well worth the watch. Thanks to the BBC for another amazing drama."


Couldn't have put it better ourselves Lynn.


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