This incredible fan-made trailer imagines what’s going to happen in Sherlock series 4

Yes, Moriarty, we've missed you


There has been a big, Sherlock-shaped hole in our lives ever since the case of the Abominable Bride was solved.


Now series four has begun filming, the excitement is reaching fever pitch once again – and one fan is already imagining what’s to come.

YouTube user John Smith created a really impressive series 4 ‘teaser’ trailer, depicting a blown-up Speedy’s Sandwich Bar & Cafe, the restaurant just outside Sherlock’s flat.

Moriarty’s voice is heard repeating some of his most sinister lines in the background, while the camera pans up to the door to 221B Baker Street, with the words “Miss me?” spray-painted on.


Even though we know it’s not a real trailer, it still does a darn good job at getting us excited for Sherlock series four.