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The Undoing creator won't shut down possibility of season 2 but is "satisfied" with ending

**WARNING – spoilers ahead for The Undoing's finale **

The Undoing
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Published: Tuesday, 1st December 2020 at 3:19 pm

HBO's gripping whodunnit The Undoing reached an explosive conclusion last night, which saw the aftermath of Grace (Nicole Kidman) discovering the murder weapon in her son Henry's violin case before Jonathan (Hugh Grant) was revealed to be Elena Alves' murderer after all.


While the main question behind the six-part drama has now been answered, viewers are wondering whether the Frasers may return for a second series – and the answer, according to creator David E. Kelley, is maybe.

Speaking to TVLine, the writer and producer revealed that he was pleased with the show's ending, saying: "I think we're satisfied. We're happy with the way it ended."

However, he added: "I said there wouldn't be [a second season of] Big Little Lies, so I won't say that now. I learned my lesson. But that is not out intent."

In response to another question about the possibility that Grace's friend Sylvia could be Jonathan's late younger sister, Kelley added: "I think we'll write the sequel by committee if we do one. There were a lot of ingenious ideas that spring up."

During last night's finale, viewers learned that Jonathan had in fact murdered Elena with a sculpting hammer after unsuccessfully attempting to end his affair with her, and that Henry had discovered the weapon at the family beach house before cleaning it and hiding it to protect his father.


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