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The Missing series 2 episode 3 recap: what does Gemma's rollercoaster photo mean?

Do you have a new theory for what happened after the latest episode of The Missing? It's time to examine the evidence... SPOILERS

Published: Wednesday, 7th June 2017 at 8:00 am

UPDATE: The Missing episode 4 has now aired. If you have watched it and want a recap, click here.


The Missing episode three was a brutal affair. Nadia, the butcher's wife, was the victim of a horrible attack, and we now know how Sam Webster (David Morrissey) got those painful burns.

And the key question from episode one – how Alice/Sophie died – has been answered, in terrifying fashion. But with that solution came yet more questions, which will be bugging us now until next Wednesday's episode.

So, what do we need answers to? Let's get straight into it. SPOILERS TO FOLLOW.

Has Gemma Webster found her daughter?

After days scrolling through rollercoaster photos, Gemma (Keeley Hawes) might have just come up trumps.

Episode three revealed why she had been doing this. In the last, painful conversation before setting fire to the shed, 'Alice' (or are we sure it's Sophie now?) told the family how she had been let out by her captor to ride a rollercoaster. "We were just so grateful to be outside," she said.

This clue was enough for Gemma, who, having suspected all along that the person who came out of the woods was not her daughter, tried to track down evidence to back up this story.

Now we have this picture. The girl on the right is definitely the girl we know. The blurred face on the left? "That’s my daughter. That’s Alice,” Gemma says decisively. If anyone should know, she should – right?

One little note to this final scene: Eve Stone's father, Brigadier Stone, is sitting in the room as they're having this conversation. In the present day he is suffering from dementia, but how aware is he of what Gemma is saying? Because after episode two we know we have to be suspicious of anything he says or does...

Is Kristian Herz the butcher innocent?

It would appear so, given how the final scenes this week played out. One of 'Alice's' last acts was to make Matthew Webster promise that he would tell Kristian that she was sorry.

Sorry for falsely accusing him? Almost certainly. Kristian has suffered badly; years later he is still in prison, and his wife's life has collapsed. In 2014, she was brutally attacked by men in masks and lost her teeth. Who are they?

Once you get over the initial shock, there's something odd about this scene. All along, the police have made a point of keeping Alice's return quiet and the story out of the press. So how do these two thugs know that Nadia's husband has been accused? Do they have an inside track on the case?

There is one other explanation. Nadia knew both Brigadier Stone and the mysterious Henry Reed when they were all in the Army. There's reason to be suspicious of this cabal of senior officers, so perhaps the attack wasn't carried out by people disgusted by a supposed paedophile? Perhaps it was meant to send a message to Nadia to keep her mouth shut...

What did Daniel Reed find out about his father?

In the present day, Julien's Iraqi expedition has finally yielded fruit. He's found Daniel Reed, who's gone AWOL and is fighting insurgents in the desert. Daniel has been investigating odd payments made by his father Henry, and has discovered a dark secret.

“I found out my Dad was transferring money, regularly, for years, to a man called Mirza Barzani up in Erbil. When I found out why, it made me sick to my guts. I didn’t know what to do. Joining these guys was the only thing that saw me through.”

Who is this mysterious Barzani? Could he be the man who has been following Julien all this time? And if so, WHAT DOES ALL THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE TWO MISSING GIRLS? Not that we're getting frustrated by this war zone detour or anything.

While we're on the subject of Daniel Reed, it was a nice touch to have him and Julien bumping into each outside Brigadier Stone's office in 2014. Daniel holding his Dad's diary, the pair of them just starting their journeys of discovery...

What about the repainted campervan?

Had you forgotten this week's opening scene? It's OK, The Missing takes us in so many different directions each week that it's easy to get lost.

So, the first scene in this week's episode featured a dramatic overhead shot of Alpine woodland. It was in Vaaren, Switzerland (yes, yet another location to remember) and hidden in the trees was a red campervan with a dog barking outside.

The campervan has been repainted (you can tell from the flecks of yellow paint underneath the wheel arches), which means it must be the same van that took Alice Webster in episode one.

Why are we only being shown this now? Have we seen that dog before? What else is still being kept back from us?

We'll find out next week.


Do you have a new theory after The Missing episode 3? Let us know in the comments box below...


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