Meet the cast of Safe House series 2

The ITV thriller is back on our screens with a completely new set of characters and stars. Here's everything you need to know...

Liam Duke – Joel MacCormack


Simon’s son Liam was also present on the night of his mother’s disappearance and he’s kept his distance from Simon ever since. However, once he hears the news of Julie’s abduction he re-enters his father’s life.


Joel MacCormack is a relatively new face to our screens. The 26-year-old first appeared in 10-minute short drama The Complete Walk: Henry V, which may have led to is role  as Thomas Wriothesley in five episodes of the BBC adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s historical drama Wolf Hall.  

Craig – Charlie Kelly


Craig is a friend of Tom’s who was asked early on to help with building work at Tom and Sam’s new house.


Until now Charlie Kelly has appeared predominantly in Irish dramas, specifically in Clean Break, The Terror and Acceptable Risk. He also had the leading role in a C4 mini-series Smalltown.