Meet the cast of Rellik

Who’s who in Harry and Jack Williams’ serial killer thriller

Rosalind Eleazar as Christine Levison


Christine, who had a troubled and abusive childhood, has grown up to become a manipulative, power hungry adult has also been the victim of an acid attack. She’s strikingly intelligent but this leads to her feeling alienated from others around her. Gabriel is convinced that she is the real serial killer, and she takes pleasure in tormenting him mercilessly.


Where do I recognise her from?

Eleazer has a fairly broad TV CV, having appeared in Holby City, National Treasure, the Zadie Smith adaptation NW and Harlots.

Paterson Joseph as Isaac Taylor


Isaac is a psychiatrist with a bit of a saviour complex who suffers from extreme OCD. He is profoundly affected by the loss of his closest friend and partner in his practice, Jonas Borner, and as the serial killer case unravels, it is slowly revealed that he may be not be who he seems.

Where do I recognise him from?

He’s Johnson from Peep Show! But Paterson is also known for Timeless, Safe House, Babylon, Green Wing – and the 2000 film The Beach, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

Paul Rhys as Patrick Barber


Management consultant Patrick is rich, suave and charming on the outside – but uses these qualities to mask a lack of empathy. He is also very controlling and somehow manages to rationalise even his most immoral acts. A bit of a mystery, this one.

Where do I recognise him from?


Most recently, Rhys played Sir John Conroy in Victoria, and his other notable roles include Being Human, The Assets and Borgia.