Our Girl’s Michelle Keegan on life after Corrie and rows with Mark Wright over the remote

The former Coronation Street star reveals all


You’re married to the TOWIE star and Heart DJ Mark Wright – do you ever argue about what to watch?


Yes, because I love watching cookery programmes, but Mark says they’re depressing. I love watching people cook; he says it reminds him of being at school. You know on a Sunday night and you’ve got school the next day? That’s how it feels for him. But I like Come Dine With Me and shows where I can learn new recipes.

Do you have to watch TV in separate rooms to avoid a row?

I do watch TV with Mark, especially if we’ve got downtime at the weekend. But we’ve got two screens and he’s normally in the living room watching football and I’m in the kitchen cooking.

I’m imagining that you have a really big TV…

Yeah it’s pretty big. It wasn’t me who picked it, Mark chose it when we moved into the house two years ago. At first I was like, “You’re being a classic boy with a toy, you’ve gone for the biggest one! It’s too big for the living room, not a chance!” But I love it now, it’s like a cinema screen.

And a massive sofa to match?

It’s so big that when you sit on it your feet don’t hang off the edge. It’s like a bed. If friends come to stay, they can sleep on it.

Do you watch yourself on television?

Well I can’t watch interviews with myself, I get embarrassed, but when I’m in character it doesn’t feel like I’m watching me. It’s weird. I watched Ordinary Lies on my own when it came out because it was the first thing I’d done since Corrie, so I didn’t know how people would react. I was really, really nervous.

How did you feel afterwards?

I burst out crying with relief!

You like taking photos with fans – but does it ever get a bit much?

I don’t mind – the worst is when you’re eating and someone’s taking a picture of you with your mouth wide open. That’s embarrassing.

Which shows have you hooked?

That American crime drama Power and also Narcos. They’re really good. I watch lots of Netflix when 
I travel around and I’m filming.

Apart from RT, who tells you what to watch on TV?

My friends and I have a bit of 
a group on WhatsApp where we say what we’re watching, what we should be watching – and what not to watch. We’re quite similar in our tastes.

What was the last text you got?

It was off my mum saying “what you up to?” and I sent her a picture of me having a cocktail because I’d wrapped Our Girl and was having a break in Spain with Mark. She replied saying, “Well enjoy that because you’re going back to rain in a few days in Manchester.”

Who would play your mum 
in a biopic?

She’d want me to pick someone really glamorous. I’d say either Patsy Kensit or Angela Lonsdale because they’re the mums I’ve had this year in Tina and Bobby and Our Girl. I love both those women to bits.


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