Meet the cast of Kiri

Find out who’s starring in Jack Thorne’s new dark drama

Claire Rushbrook as Julie Burnett

Kiri (Channel 4, EH)

Julie is Miriam’s boss, she finds managing her maverick employee quite challenging at times.


Where do I recognise Claire Rushbrook from?

Rushbrook is perhaps best known for playing Rae’s mum Linda Earl in the series My Mad Fat Diary. She also starred in Home Fires and will appear in the forthcoming Netflix series Requiem.

Sue Johnston as Celia Grayson

Kiri (Channel 4, EH)

Celia is Miriam’s elderly (and miserable) mother. She hasn’t found ageing easy and has a deep sense of mistrust about everyone and everything.

Where do I recognise Sue Johnston from?

Matriarch Barbara Royle from The Royle Family is Johnston’s most famous role, but she is also very well known for playing Gloria Price in Coronation Street. She has also starred in Downton Abbey as lady’s maid Gladys Denker as well as Brookside and Rovers.

Felicia Mukasa as Kiri Akindele

Kiri (Channel 4, EH)

Nine-year-old Kiri has had a tough beginning in life, and her experience of being let down by the adults around her has given her an independent spirit.

Where do I recognise Felicia Mukasa from?


As far as we know, this is Mukasa’s first role on screen.