Luther in translation: Idris Elba’s detective as he sounds around the world

Meet Luther's French, German and Italian counterparts...

Idris Elba as Luther

Luther is what you call a global phenomenon. The BBC crime drama is watched in over 230 territories around the world and dubbed into numerous languages by actors who have made famous their versions of Idris Elba’s gruff detective in their own countries.


The clip below showcases just a few of them, flawlessly switching from English to French to German and finally Italian, as Luther chats to his friend and accomplice Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson) who also gets her own translations…

Luther is one of BBC Worldwide’s best-selling dramas, selling to over 230 territories around the world and enjoyed by audiences from Bangladesh to Brazil. 


As Idris Elba prepares to meet international buyers at BBC Worldwide Showcase, the annual sales event held in Liverpool from 18 February, BBC Worldwide released this clip showing how Luther’s smouldering intensity translates, no matter what the language.