Is Meryl Streep THE most versatile actress of all time?

From Mamma Mia to Sophie's Choice, via The Iron Lady and The Devil Wears Prada - Meryl is something of an all-rounder

Rumour has it Meryl Streep is poised to play a rock ‘n’ roll mum in a new film…


According to the Hollywood Reporter she’ll star as “a guitar-wielding, hard rockin’ mama by night and grocery store checkout lady by day” in TriStar’s Ricki and the Flash.

Can’t quite imagine the 64-year-old star jamming on her guitar or rocking thick black eye makeup? Well, I don’t know why not. Magnificent Meryl, the 18-time Oscar nominee, is probably the most versatile actress in history. This might be new territory for the star, but that’s never proved a problem in the past.

Streep can do rom com…

She can do musicals

She can cook (or at least pretend to…)

She’s done serious

And played devastatingly sad

Plus she’s starred as the first British prime minister. And is currently filming her role as Emmeline Pankhurst in Suffragette…

AND she’s been the editor of a Vogue-esque fashion magazine


Honestly. How are we drawn in every time she appears in a new and entirely different guise? Well, because Meryl is convincing and captivating in everything she does.