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Innocent viewers have a LOT of theories about who the killer is

Did David really kill his wife? Or was it his brother? Or her sister? ITV viewers can't decide

Published: Tuesday, 15th May 2018 at 9:38 am

New ITV thriller Innocent debuted last night (14th May) and viewers were left with one burning question: who really killed Tara?


Although we learned that her husband David (Lee Ingleby) was jailed for the murder, he always protested his Innocence (hence the show's name) despite police finding Tara’s blood on his clothing.

However, many viewers point to his brother, Phil (Daniel Ryan), who always believed David’s innocence. Just why is he so convinced?

And then there’s Tara’s sister Alice (Hermoine Norris). In last night’s episode, we not only found out she pinned Tara to a wall by her throat on the night of her death, but that Alice raised her sister’s children after the murder. Did she kill Tara and pin it on David to get the family she’d always dreamed of?

Others suspected Tom Wilson, the doctor who was having an affair with Tara. Why? His ex-wife was blackmailing Tom with secrets about the case. Does this new information explain why he changed his alibi a few days after giving his original statement?

But husband David is still many viewers' main suspect…

And some, well, they couldn’t get over how actor Tony Gardner – who played Brian from my Parents Are Aliens – was in the show, despite previously proving his serious acting chops in the likes of Last Tango in Halifax and Unforgotten.

Hopefully we’ll find out whodunit (and if Innocent is a secret My Parents are Aliens sequel) by the end of the week.


Innocent is on 9pm Monday to Thursday this week, ITV

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