How close to the mark are viewers’ theories about The Missing?

Series two episode five has inspired a whole new set of theories and questions – surely somebody has the answer?


Viewers are going to incredible lengths to try to work out what’s going on in The Missing. Seriously, if Julien Baptiste ever needs a partner, he won’t have to look far.


After series two episode five aired on Wednesday night, there was a whole stack of new information to drill down into (sorry).

Some viewers are resorting to extreme measures to try and solve it. SPIDER DIAGRAMS.

So, is anyone close to the truth?

Well, looking through the theories, some key trends emerge. These notes, for example, cover everything from Alice’s identity to Henry Reed’s sexual preferences. Sterling work.

The one that appears closest to the truth at this stage is what Stone means by his claim that “three of us” did something unspeakable. Does he means himself, Henry Reed… and Nadia, the wife of the butcher and former military officer?


As for the young girl discovered in the press officer’s house, surely she is the child ‘Alice’ says she had during her abduction, yes?

As for the DNA match suggesting that the real Alice died in the fire? Well, there’s a possible explanation for that too…

Although, to be honest, it’s unlikely the press officer had anything to do with the actual investigation. He may have had to fake the DNA test another way…

What about Eve, the daughter of the suspicious Brigadier Stone? Well, another theory suggests not all is as it seems with that relationship.

And we’ll pay good Monopoly money to anyone who can work out exactly which girl is Alice/Sophie/Lena.

If you’ve only skimmed some of these, check back through the notes in full and see what rings true. Add your own thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

But wait, there’s more! Who could forget the biggest mystery of all? WASHING.




The Missing continues next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1