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Here's what YOU thought of that Doctor Foster finale

The readers have spoken and they've got some VERY interesting things to say about series two of the BBC1 drama

Published: Wednesday, 4th October 2017 at 12:45 pm

Doctor Foster series two came to a conclusion on BBC1 last night and we asked YOU, the readers, what you thought about it.


You responded in your droves, with lots of interesting opinions about the story, the characters and that very divisive ending to give your diagnosis on the health of one of the nation’s biggest and best loved dramas.

That ending split the audience down the middle

Tom Foster (Tom Taylor) hasn’t had an easy time of it, stuck between two warring parents who’ve been too obsessed with their hatred for one another to take note of his troubles.

The final episode saw Tom packing his bags and leaving both Gemma and Simon behind, much to the horror of his distraught mother – and half the audience. 54 per cent of readers polled said they weren’t satisfied with the plot.

“Tom wasn’t quietly falling to pieces in the background - it was obvious to everyone”, said Karyn Burnham on Facebook. “Terrible ending. The new kitchen would’ve been more unexpected.”

Jennifer Miller commented that she was “disappointed” with the final plot, which Mike Bartlett has revealed was NOT the original conclusion. “I knew it wasn’t going to be a happy ever after ending” Miller wrote, “I wanted a bigger finale than ‘son leaves’. Sorry, but he was annoying and played his parents off against each other.”

However, 45 per cent of voters were thrilled by the cliff-hanger conclusion, which some felt conveyed a very important message.

“It’s sad, families broken like that” Anita Bradley wrote. “Revenge gains nothing in life but more misery, this really showed it. Sad end with great acting by the three actors, especially the mother, superb watching.”

Tom Foster (played by Tom Taylor)
Tom Foster (played by Tom Taylor)

“It was a fair ending” said Anne Nichols. “Two grown ups ripping each other apart ALWAYS results in the destruction of the child/children’s lives. Divorce is rarely caused by the child and they should NEVER be the ammunition.”

And Suzanne Robinson came up with her own version of events: "My friend and I hope he's gone to live with the lovely neighbour over the road who left her philandering hubby."

As far as the majority of viewers were concerned, Gemma and Simon were both as villainous as each other this series

Doctor Foster series one may have firmly put the nation on Gemma Foster’s side but 55 per cent of those polled said they felt both parents had behaved as badly as each other in series two.

And it seems as though that may have had an impact on how they felt about the finale.

“I felt sorry for her in the first series and I liked her but I didn't like her in this series” said Helen Wade. “So because I didn't like her I really didn't care what happened to either character and was glad when the boy got out of the situation; served them both right.”

Gemma and Simon
Gemma and Simon

Simon and Gemma’s schemes to bring each other down just didn’t do it for some viewers who’d loved series one. “I quite enjoyed the first series but the last five weeks have basically been an extended Eastenders storyline," wrote Jean-Paul Srivalsan. “Contrived melodrama with a helpless teenage lad caught up in the middle of a pair of self absorbed parents at each others throats. Not sure what ‘entertainment’ is to be had from that misery to be honest.... but I watched it all.”

Roz Anderson was just relieved the pair didn’t actually end up killing each other: “I'm happy no one died, and that the writers highlighted that the victims are usually the children paying the ultimate price, for the messed up adults!”

People really weren't too sure about Doctor Foster breaking the fourth wall

62 per cent of viewers polled didn’t think it worked...

But some were thrilled by the dramatic device, which saw her speaking directly down the camera to us – and to Tom.

“The ending was brilliant, the way she almost came into our living room, it felt like she was in the room!” said Ken Barry. “Scary, sent a shiver down our spine! Well done to all concerned. Series one 10/10. Series two. 8/10."

There was a LOT of praise for the actors

Readers voted Suranne Jones the star of the series, followed by Tom Taylor, who played her son Tom.

“What an amazing actor that young man is!” wrote Kara Wilkinson-Stubbs. “Hope we see him in more things for many years to come! Just wanted to climb in my TV and give him a massive cuddle.”

And people want to see another visit to Parminster

"I think a third will come back and smash even series one," wrote Ken Barry – and he wasn't alone.

Almost 60 per cent of viewers polled agreed with him.


"Of course there has to be a third season. It can't end like this. And it better be a good one," said Rachel Nikki Hervé.


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