Former Grey’s Anatomy star TR Knight is returning to Shondaland

But there's a Catch...


Actor TR Knight is finally coming back into the Shondaland fold. The 43-year-old, who we all knew and loved as Grey’s Anatomy’s George O’Malley, is set to return to the world of writer Shonda Rhimes, eight years after his exit from the long-running medical drama.


Knight shocked fans by departing Grey’s in 2009 in an incredibly sad episode, after what he dubbed a “breakdown in communication.”

But now he’s back. He won’t be returning to Sloane Grey Memorial Hospital though (for obvious reasons #spoiler), but instead is set to star in Rhimes’ latest drama The Catch.

“This has been a thrilling secret to keep!,” said Rhimes, who is executive producer on both The Catch and Grey’s. “One of my favourite family members is home!”

“Working with Shonda, Betsy [Beers] and Allan [Heinberg] again fills me with immense joy,” said Knight. “I am heartened to be returning to Shondaland and excited to work with this exceptional cast!”


Knight will play a recurring character in the show’s second season, which centres around Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos), a private investigator for high-end clients, but there are no details on who he’ll be playing yet.