Emma Bunton to host behind-the-scenes Glee documentary

The former Spice Girl is set to present a tour of McKinley High for Sky1

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is set to go behind the scenes of Sky1’s musical high school series Glee.


The Heart Radio DJ and Glee fan will embark on an all access tour of McKinley High in I Heart Glee, a one off documentary that will reveal what goes on behind the scenes of the Emmy and Golden Globe winning series.

Bunton will be given a guided tour by stars of the show Matt Morrison and Jane Lynch, who play Mr Schue and Sue Sylvester, before she meets the actors who play Santana, Blaine, Artie and Marley – and has a chat with Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel, on the set of his New York apartment.

I Heart Glee will also see Bunton sneak in on rehearsals and watch as the cast record songs, film music videos, run lines and shoot scenes.


I Heart Glee is on Sky1 on 10 March