Did you know Kevin Spacey does amazing impressions of other actors?

The award-winning actor and director also has another talent. From Al Pacino to Morgan Freeman, no Hollywood heavyweight is safe...

Johnny Carson, Christopher Walken and Michael Caine

If there’s one thing Jimmy Fallon’s good for it’s play games with his guests so is it any wonder he rolled out the Wheel of Impressions for our Kevin? Spacey more than rose to the challenge, imitating some of America’s finest while talking about various off the wall topics.


Jack Lemmon

Not content with doing straightforward impressions, Spacey took on Some Like It Hot and Odd Couple star Jack Lemmon for Saturday Night Live’s spoof of Star Wars’ 20th Anniversary celebrations. It’s safe to say that when it comes to impressions this guy is no wookie.

Morgan Freeman

His unique voice sets him apart from other actors so taking on Morgan Freeman is quite the challenge. It’s one Spacey is happy to rise to though, as he showed during a film festival Q&A session in Dublin back in 2011. Check it out from about the 2 minute 20 second mark, among a host of other outstanding impressions.


Why just do one impression when you can do them ALL? That’s precisely what Spacey was encouraged to do when he appeared on Inside The Actor’s studio, America’s cinematic answer to This Is Your Life. He takes a trip down movie memory lane, bringing some film greats back to life for the cameras.

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