Meet the cast of BBC2 thriller Collateral

Carey Mulligan, John Simm, Nicola Walker and Billie Piper star in a tense thriller about the murder of a pizza delivery boy

John Heffernan – Sam Spence

Collateral – John Heffernan as MI5 agent Sam Spence

Who does he play? MI5 has finally arrived on the scene in a cloud of condescension and superiority. Sam Spence talks down to Kip Glaspie but buddies up with her partner, DS Nathan Bilk.


Where have I seen him before? John Heffernan is excellent at playing know-it-alls, having starred as the Queen’s critic Lord Altrincham in The Crown. He also recently played Dr Simon Marr in The Loch, Jaggers in Dickensian and Steven Rose in Luther.

Robert Portal – Major Tim Dyson

Collateral - Robert Portal as Major Tim Dyson

Who does he play? Major Tim Dyson is a major creep. He is Sandrine’s Commanding Officer.

Where have I seen him before? Robert Portal’s recent credits include Endeavour (Maj Coward), Goodbye Christopher Robin (Headmaster), and Kids in Love (Mr Walker).

Brian Vernel – Mikey Gowans

Collateral - Brian Vernel as Mikey Gowans

Who does he play? Mikey Gowans was meant to deliver the fateful pizza, but for no apparent reason, the manager decided to send Abdullah instead. Now he is pretty shaken up.

Where have I seen him before? Brian Vernel has popped up in Doctor Who (as Lucius in The Eaters of Light), Star Wars: The Force Awakens (as Bala-Tik), and BBC crime drama The Missing. He played Stuart ‘Fats’ Wall in The Casual Vacancy and Tam in Grantchester.

Sam Otto – Abdullah Asif

Collateral - Sam Otto as Abdullah Asif

Who does he play? Abdullah Asif doesn’t get much screen time: he’s dead within the first few minutes of the drama. His murder sets off a chain of events and is shrouded in mystery.

Where have I seen him before? Sam Otto starred as Jalal Hossein in Peter Kosminsky’s terrorism drama The State. He’s also been in The Boy with the Topknot.

Molly Simm – Elfie Mars

Collateral - Jon Simm's daughter Molly Simm as Elfie Mars

Who does she play? Elfie is the daughter of Karen Mars (Billie Piper) and David Mars (John Simm). Her parents are divorced and their relationship is complicated.

Where have I seen her before? The clue’s in the name, but just in case you haven’t worked it out, Molly Simm is John Simm’s actual daughter. This is her first screen role.

Kae Alexander – Linh Xuan Huy

Collateral - Kae Alexander as Linh Xuan Huy

Who does she play? While high on ketamine and curled up on the pavement, Linh was the sole witness to the murder of pizza delivery boy Abdullah.


Where have I seen her before? Kae Alexander plays Angie Jones in Hard Sun, and was a receptionist in W1A. Back in 2016 she played Leaf in Game of Thrones, and before that she was Jing in Bad Education. Soon we’ll see her hit the big screen as Reb in Ready Player One.