Can we predict your favourite TV show?

Do Sherlock fans love plum tarts? Are Doctor Who fans right wing? Take our quiz to see if pollsters know you better than you know yourself


There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and personality quizzes. YouGov’s Profiler app has been amusing everyone in the Radio Times office. The research firm polled the likes and dislikes of 190,000 members, revealing that Radio Times readers enjoy cheese and bird-watching, and that fans of Benedict Cumberbatch tend to live in central Scotland.


As you might have guessed, YouGov are using an odd measurement. The Profiler doesn’t show what the average fan actually enjoys, but how much more likely they are to express interest in different subjects. Thus, not every fan of Dad’s Army also enjoys Lloyd Grossman pasta sauces, but they are more likely to enjoy them than the general populace. Dad’s Army fans are differentiated from other people by their love of Lloyd Grossman. Understand?


But let’s test out the data by working backwards. Can YouGov predict your favourite television show, just from your likes and dislikes? Take our quiz and find out…