It's been a slow-burner of a relationship between Nurse Lucille Anderson (Leonie Elliott) and Cyril Robinson (Zephryn Taitte) – but now the stars of Call the Midwife have their fingers crossed for a wedding.


Ever since Cyril first set eyes on Lucille while fixing Nurse Crane's car in series eight, he's been head-over-heels for her. And while their courtship hasn't always been easy as both are working and studying hard to achieve their dreams, the two seem to be pretty serious about each other.

Teasing whether there's more romance to come, Elliott told at the Radio Times Covers Party: "Yeah, I hope so!"

Call The Midwife S8 - EP5

Her co-star Helen George, who plays Nurse Trixie Franklin, added: "We never know, that's the thing, we just never know.

"I mean, we're all hoping for a wedding! It's been a few years - we need a wedding. But it's not up to us!"

The last Call the Midwife wedding was in series six (2017), when Barbara (Charlotte Ritchie) married Tom (Jack Ashton). We've also seen marriages between Dr Turner and Shelagh, Chummy and PC Noakes, and Fred and Violet.

As for whether she's hoping to see Lucille tie the knot with Cyril, Elliott said: "I completely trust the creative team behind the scenes, so if they feel that that's right, then I'd be happy."

But a marriage could come with downsides for fans of Lucille...

"As much as you hope for a wedding for the series because it's so much fun to play and for the sense of occasion, it also means that that character's then taken away from Nonnatus," Helen George explained.

"Because when they married, they would then go off, like we saw with Barbara and Tom in earlier series. So it's bittersweet. You hope for a wedding, but you kind of home that it doesn't happen as well because then it kind of changes the mood in Nonnatus house."

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