Broadchurch: who are the suspects?

Five episodes in and Miller and Hardy are building up a picture of the attacker...

Aaron Mayford (played by Jim Howick)


Episode four saw the Broadchurch cops discover a convicted sex offender had moved back into the local area and, by all appearances, Aaron Mayford is a nasty piece of work.

He revealed the extent of his creepiness when he climbed into PC Katie Harford’s car – and we know he was lying through his teeth when he claimed to be fishing on the night of the party. That story wasn’t even close to checking out.

Still, it seems that Broadchurch has all but forgotten about mackerel man – he was absent from last week’s episode as Hardy and Miller zoned in on more familiar suspects. Surely Aaron won’t be shoehorned back into the story at the eleventh hour?

However creepy he is, we’re not convinced he’s the man.


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