Broadchurch: where we left the characters at the end of series two

It's been three years since last we saw the residents of Broadchurch, so here's a reminder of their stories so far...

Maggie Radcliffe – Carolyn Pickles


The Broadchurch Echo’s editor Maggie has always prided herself on being at the heart of the story but even she wasn’t sure star reporter Olly should be live-blogging the trial during series two.

Radcliffe had bigger fish to fry, though, with old flame Jocelyn popping up to help the Latimers try and put Joe Miller in prison. While the trial didn’t exactly go to plan, things between the editor and the barrister certainly seemed to flourish when the pair shared a kiss and seemed to rekindle their romance.

Nigel Carter – Joe Sims


Mark’s workmate Nige had a tough old time in series one and two, as Pauline Quirke’s Susan Wright threw her on-screen son under the bus on more than one occasion. She named him in court as the man seen on the night of Danny’s death, throwing suspicion the plumber’s way when all eyes should have been on Joe.


Nige has the support of his pal Mark, though, and the pair joined forces to frighten the life out of Joe before he was allowed to leave town.