Broadchurch: where we left the characters at the end of series two

It's been three years since last we saw the residents of Broadchurch, so here's a reminder of their stories so far...

Joe Miller – Matthew Gravelle


Despite having confessed to strangling Danny Latimer to death after the boy threatened to tell someone about their ‘cuddling’ sessions, series two saw Joe Miller drive the knife in by deciding to plead not guilty in court.

Prison didn’t sit too well with the Broadchurch native, who desperately wanted to be reunited with his sons. Ellie’s decision to beat him following his confession served as the first of his get out of jail cards, and when he eventually walked free she was furious.

Joe turned to vicar Paul in a bid to escape the angry locals and he helped send him on his way to a half way house in Sheffield, but not before Ellie could promise she’d kill him if he ever set foot in town or tried to contact their boys again.

Paul Coates – Arthur Darvill


Local vicar Paul fell under suspicion when he couldn’t produce an alibi for the night of Danny’s murder in series one and in series two he found himself on the receiving end of his fair share of flack when it was revealed he was visiting Joe Miller in prison.

Paul spent much of series two in a complicated relationship with Becca Fisher, and it was to her he turned for help when Joe Miller showed up at the church following his not guilty verdict.


The vicar, who’d been shocked by Joe’s decision to plead not guilty, organised his safe passage out of town, though not before allowing Mark, Beth and Joe’s wife Ellie to get their final words in.