Broadchurch: where we left the characters at the end of series two

It's been three years since last we saw the residents of Broadchurch, so here's a reminder of their stories so far...

Beth Latimer – Jodie Whittaker


Series two was filled with just as much heartbreak and torment for Danny Latimer’s mum Beth. She suffered on the witness stand, discovered her husband’s plans to leave her in front of the whole town, and fell out with her best friend Ellie, believing she’d deliberately sabotaged Joe’s confession.

Meanwhile, vicar Paul and newspaper editor Maggie convinced her to meet reformed sex offenders, and she had the final stages of a pregnancy to deal with. The birth of her baby daughter was a ray of light in the darkness, and seemed to bring Mark and Beth back together at last – but for how long? The new mum was at her finest when her son’s killer walked free. “I will not be broken by this. We all get to live”, she spat as he was rushed out of town.

Mark Latimer – Andrew Buchan


If there was one person who struggled to deal with Danny Latimer’s death more than anyone else it was his father, and that was never more apparent than in series two. Mark struck up a rather odd friendship with Joe Miller’s son, Tom, that for a while seemed a little too retaliatory for comfort.

Mark’s series one antics with Becca Fisher came back to haunt him on the witness stand, though, and he was forced to confess that he’d been set to leave Beth, bringing more heartbreak to Chez Latimer just when things seemed to be going the family’s way.


The collapse of Joe Miller’s trial was more than he could handle, but Mark seemed to find some comfort in teaming up with pal Nige and threatening to throw Joe over a cliff. The pair ultimately set him free, albeit reluctantly, and when last we saw Mark he was promising baby Lizzy that the family would keep their love as strong as steel. “That’s how we win,” he said as the Latimers and Millers reunited on the beach. But will they still be winning three years on?