Next episode of BBC’s The Split won’t be on at its usual time

PSA: The BBC One divorce lawyer drama has moved in the TV schedules

The Split

Calling all fans of The Split: the next episode of the BBC One drama won’t be shown at its usual time.


Instead of airing in its normal Tuesday night slot, the fourth instalment of the Nicola Walker series will be broadcast a day earlier on Monday 2nd March at 9pm on BBC One.

If you’re excited about getting the next episode a day early then we’ve got even better news for you: the entire second series is available to watch right now on BBC iPlayer.

Set in the messy world of London’s high-end divorce circuit, The Split follows divorce lawyers Hannah (Nicola Walker), for whom divorce law runs in the family, and her husband Nathan (Stephen Mangan).

Penned by Abi Morgan (The Hour), series two sees Hannah’s attempt to recover from Nathan’s infidelity in series one – while starting her own affair with Christie (Barry Atsma).

The second run of the drama also explores the relationship between TV presenter Fi Hansen (Donna Air), who needs help escaping her abusive marriage to music producer Richie Hansen (Ben Bailey Smith).


The Split is next on Monday 2nd March at 9pm on BBC One