How will fans react to the Downton Abbey finale?

Will we be smiling or sobbing onto our turkey sandwiches when the Crawleys finally say their goodbyes this evening?

It’s here! Christmas Day, the 25th December, the day Downton Abbey bows out of our lives forever. 


Sure, we’re looking forward to a few pigs in blankets, a sneaky glass of port and finding out what’s in that bizarre-shaped gift under the tree, but the Crawleys’ farewell is our main concern. 

Will we be tearing up over our turkey dinners or crying into our Christmas crackers, like that fateful festive episode when Matthew Crawley perished? Or will tonight’s much-anticipated finale be a cherry on top of the icing on top of a wonderful day? 

Thankfully the cast are on hand to tell us just what we’ve got in store: 

Tonight will be “classic Downton Abbey,” promises Rob James-Collier. “I think [fans] be very happy, I really do. It ties up a lost of lose story ends that need addressing.”

Joanne Froggatt, who plays Anna Bates, is in agreement, saying: “I think they’ll be pleased… There’s nothing too terrible in there.” 

“Some rather wonderful things happen,” adds star Lesley Nicol.  


Downton Abbey concludes tonight at 8:45pm on ITV