Downton Abbey producer hints at future movie version after the Christmas special

Film adaptations, one-off specials – executive producer Gareth Neame drops some intriguing hints about how Downton Abbey could return

Downton Abbey is coming to a close. Tonight’s Christmas special will be the last chance we have to spend some quality time with the Crawleys. Or will they?


A couple of months ago we caught up with executive producer Gareth Neame, and asked him whether Downton Abbey could make a return one day, whether as a one-off special or on the silver screen.

“We’ve thrown around some ideas for a film, but that’s obviously not something I can talk about now,” Neame told

“It’s still a possibility – I can’t confirm any definite plans, but it is still something we’re talking about, and we would be interested to do.”

But what of a future for Downton on TV? After all, 1970s period drama Upstairs Downstairs was revived for a couple of series in 2010 after decades off the air. Perhaps ITV could return to Downton when kids George, Marigold and Sybbie are running the estate?

“Well, that’s interesting,” Neame told us. “We’re not going to do anything like that, but I’m interested in the fact that George, Marigold and Sybbie could just about still be alive today if you think about it, which is a really good way to show how we’re connected to this era. It’s just about within living memory.

“We’re not going to do that spin-off, but I am interested to know what happens when George is running the estate, in the… whenever it is, 1950s, 60s or something. It’s almost one of the things that I’ll most miss about the show is knowing what will happen in the future to it – we’ll never find out.”

Still, Neame said such spin-off ideas weren’t impossible – though we might have to wait a long while.

“In 30 or 40 years time someone will own this property,” he explained, “and we see all the time that titles from the 50s and 60s are rebooted by new people. So who knows whether that ever happens? But that’s not something we can anticipate right now.”

You heard it here first – the 2065 reboot of Downton Abbey is going to be awesome.


Downton Abbey concludes on ITV tonight at 8.45pm