Do you want a Downton Abbey film?

Would you watch Downton the Movie? Or do you think the Crawleys should say their final farewells on Christmas Day?

Does anyone else feel a sense of impending doom? That’s right, season six of Downton Abbey is over. The Christmas special is all that stands between us and barren Sunday nights devoid of the Dowager Countess’s witty words and Lady Mary’s perfectly arched eyebrows. 


It’s a troubling time for Downton fans the world over. But there is light at the end of the tunnel: the possibility of a Downton Abbey film. 

There have been whisperings about it since earlier this year, when it was confirmed series six would be the last. But should the Crawleys really venture onto the big screen? 

After six seasons, have their stories run their course? Is it well and truly time to say a final farewell to the Crawley clan?

Or do you think there’s life in the old house yet? Maybe the idea of a post-Downton world is just too upsetting to bear… 

What do you think? 


Downton Abbey returns for a Christmas special later this year