Lady Edith to take centre stage in the final moments of Downton Abbey

Laura Carmichael reveals the middle Crawley sister will finally get her moment in the spotlight as the ITV period drama comes to an end this Christmas

It’s set to be the centrepiece of many households’ Christmas Day viewing – but how will we leave the residents of Downton Abbey when its doors finally close for good?


The end of the sixth series saw Lady Mary walk down the aisle a second time, while her sister, Lady Edith, was left to mull over her uncertain future by the grave of her sister. Not exactly the happy ending it had (briefly) looked like she might enjoy. 

But with one more episode to go, will Edith find true love. Actress Laura Carmichael has revealed she will take centre stage in the closing moments of Julian Fellowes’ period drama alongside Samantha Bond’s aunt Rosamund and a mystery third party. Could it be Edith’s almost fiancé Bertie Pelham? 

Speaking to the new issue of Radio Times from an orchestra recording of the finale, Carmichael explains “today they’re scoring the final scene, with Sam and a person who I can’t name.

“It was a night shoot – we started at 1am and shot until 6am. Michelle [Dockery] was doing the clapperboard. Gareth [Neame, executive producer] was dressed as the maître d, and all of the crew were in costume.”

Carmichael adds that her character will be the focus of the final shot of the award-winning drama. “The last moment of Downton is a close-up on me, at 6am, trying to remember all the lines. It was a lot of pressure trying to keep it together but when they shouted wrap and we all had champagne, it was magical!” 


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