If the Doctor and Clara cosplayed as Star Wars for Halloween…

The ultimate fancy dress outfits

Search #Wholloween on Twitter and you’ll come across scores of Doctor Who fans dressed up as their favourite Time Lord, companion or monster. But what does the Doctor himself wear on this scariest of nights? He could throw on a velvet jacket and go as himself, but that would be rather boring. 


Or he could branch out – seek inspiration from a fellow sci-fi hero, perhaps? 

That’s exactly what comic artist Rachael Stott imagined when she created her version of the Doctor cosplaying as Star Wars – and, if you ask us, it’s rather marvellous. There’s Peter Capaldi, armed with a sonic lightsaber (and a spoon, of course) and Jenna Coleman rocking Princess Leia’s iconic hairdo. 

Seriously, how do we make this happen in real life? 


For more of Rachael’s creations, check out her website www.rachaelstott.tumblr.com