“Golly moses!” – the best quotes from Downton Abbey series 6 episode 6

The Dowager Countess, Robert Crawley and co had some cracking lines during tonight's episode of Downton Abbey

We were afforded a little respite this week after last week’s Downton Abbey abdominal explosion. There was no blood, no guts and no dinner parties in sight. 


But we were still treated to some fantastically quotable one-liners, from open house awkwardness to hospital histrionics.

Re-live some of the best quotes from Downton Abbey episode six.

Mary headed to London to surprise Henry… 

And it was clear he knew what was what when it comes to the future of their relationship. 

Branson was completely smitten, but Mary wasn’t too sure. 

Because of those silly – and dangerous – fast cars.

Love conquers all, though, and soon enough Mary was considering facing her fears. 

Back at the Abbey, the Crawleys were preparing for their open house. And not everyone was on board with the plan.

Carson was testing Hughes’ patience with his complaints over her housekeeping skills… 

And Thomas Barrow’s job was seriously put on the line. 

Meanwhile, Cora and Violet came to blows over the future of the Village Hospital.

Serious blows. 

Outbursts aside, the open house was a success. Robert could hardly believe how much money they raised…

The venture forced the clan to think about the future. While the others were uncertain, Mary was steadfast about what it should hold. 


Downton Abbey continues on Sundays at 9:00pm on ITV