Why Netflix bringing back Gilmore Girls is the best idea ever

Revisiting old and beloved shows can be risky but Gilmore Girls fan Ellie Walker-Arnott thinks in this case new episodes are a brilliant idea

Out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold? Well don’t you worry because the Gilmore Girls are coming back to Stars Hollow. That’s right, this buzzing feeling isn’t just that fourth cup of coffee coursing through your veins, it’s excitement. It’s the world being righted.


Because rumour has it that Netflix are commissioning new episodes of the beloved drama, and making the dreams of millions of Gilmore Girls fans come true.

Sure, revisiting old and beloved shows can be a risky business. Sometimes they don’t compare to the original, or remind you just why it was cancelled in the first place. Often they mar the memory of what was (I’m talking about you, Sex and the City 2). But I think this is the best idea ever, because… 

Lorelei and Rory didn’t say goodbye properly 

After seven seasons, Gilmore Girls was unceremoniously taken out of the schedules. The drama had moved networks and lost its creator Amy Sherman-Palladino after a failed negotiation. Mere months later The CW decided to wrap production, unable to reach a deal on salaries, dates and logistics for another run.

Sherman-Palladino wanted an eighth season to wrap up storylines properly but it never materialised, meaning the remaining writers had to finish it all by the end of seven. The finale saw Rory leave town for her dream job while a happy ending between Lorelai and Luke finally looked like a possibilty, but it all felt a little rushed to Gilmore fans… 

Gilmore Girls fans are still out in force 

And those fans? Eight years might have passed since we last visited Luke’s Diner but plenty of avid watchers are still waiting for that much-rumoured film or spin-off. We will all be heading over to Netflix en masse if these new episodes materialise. 

Melissa McCarthy

Before she got her big break and a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, McCarthy was Sookie St James, amazing cook and Lorelai’s BFF. She’s a busy lady these days, filming Ghostbusters and the like, but we’d love to see her return to her Stars Hollow roots. If only for a cameo… 

We need more life affirming, female-led drama 

The Gilmore Girls was a unique thing. It’s a female-centric cast, made up of three-dimensional, clever, fast talking, witty women. Who are also amazing role models…

And full of brilliant words of wisdom.

They just get us, you know?

The internet is brimming with countless Gilmore Girls gifs and memes. Pretty impressive considering these weren’t really things when the show’s final episode aired. The inspiring and funny duo are two of the most likeable characters ever to grace our TV screens. More of them can only be a good thing. We’re just all on the same page… 


Especially when it comes to our telly habits…