Is Carrie really going to die in Homeland series 5?

It looks like Saul's turned on his former protege, as Quinn starts hunting the next name on his hit list...

When Homeland series five kicked off Carrie Mathison was a changed woman. Ex-CIA and living in Berlin, she was settled with a hunky German boyfriend and her daughter Frannie by her side. Within minutes, though, her quiet existence was under threat. And episode two saw that ramped up a notch or three.


Carrie headed to Lebanon for a disastrous trip during which she learned that there was a target on her head.

And then there was the second killer twist: Peter Quinn decoding the identity of his next secret victim “M-A-T-H-I-S-O-N…”

It seems Saul Berenson has turned on his former protege and has given Quinn the terrible task of hunting down and killing Carrie. 

Could Quinn really murder Carrie? We don’t think so. But we can probably write off a romantic reunion between the pair for now. Things are about to get seriously complicated. 

“She’s trying to run away from her past, and it’s right there over her shoulder. Episode two is the time when it really catches up to her,” says showrunner Alex Gansa. 

Finding out she’s a target is “her worst nightmare,” he tells Variety, adding: “Carrie is smart enough not to believe anything that anybody tells her. She hears it. She takes it in. She believes it or doesn’t believe it. We’ll learn more about that.”

But Quinn is “not shocked” by this latest development: “Quinn has been living on the tip of the spear all his life, all his professional life – certainly the last two years in Syria. This guy has seen it all. To get Carrie’s name in the kill box is an interesting development in his life. He’s not shocked. He’s learned to expect the unexpected. And obviously this is something that is going to cause some conflict in him going forward and carrying out the mission.”

So what on earth is going to happen next week? 

“It’s going to be another controversial episode. We are never one to pull our punches on this show, for better or for worse. That episode is out there….”


Homeland continues on Sunday at 9:00pm on Channel 4