You know you’re addicted to Call the Midwife when…

Can't get enough of hit BBC1 period drama Call the Midwife? If you're displaying these symptoms, perhaps it's time you went cold turkey

We’re not afraid to admit that we are a little bit addicted to Call the Midwife. We watch it religiously when it’s on TV, we miss it painfully during the months when it’s not, and we gobble up any snippets of information we can find about what’s coming up in new episodes. 


And if you agree with the following statements, there’s a good chance you’re addicted to Call the Midwife too… 

You only travel by bicycle 

Obviously. Bumping over cobbles is the only practical way to get yourself around. If it doesn’t fit in your pannier, it’s not an essential. 

You do this at the start of each new episode 

Because what else is there to do. 

You always have a handkerchief on your person

You never know when you might come face to face with your next tragedy. And if Trixie’s taught you anything, it’s that running mascara is a look best avoided. 

You only listen to Elvis Presley

You don’t even remember who Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Beyonce are. All you need is Elvis’s swaying hips and seductive tones. 

You’ve started drinking Babysham like it’s 1959 

Forget G&Ts, fancy cocktails or a nice restorative glass of red. Babysham, eggnog and Cinzano Bianco are your tipples of choice. And you actually enjoy drinking them. 

You are strangely protective of cake 

Victoria sponges, battenburgs, meringues topped with cherries. Your sweet tweets get a fancier disguise than just being popped in a tin in the cupboard. You never know who might be prompted to go in search of your cake… 

You always answer your phone

You know, just in case there’s a woman in labour at the other end. You wouldn’t want to miss that call because… 

You’re pretty sure you could help deliver a baby 

“Just little pushes now…”

You’ve taken this personality quiz about a thousand times trying to get Trixie 

Haven’t taken it yet? You know what to do…

You’ve started flirting with your doctor 

Just in case. Nun or not, there is a real chance you could be sitting on your very own Turnadette-style love story… 

You regularly use words like tickety-boo and shilly-shally 

Because golly gosh, you can’t think of a single good reason not to. 

You reel off wise words of wisdom at the end of each day 

And you’re 80% sure your friends don’t think it’s weird.


“Sometimes in life, one has to take a chance. Without risk, there’s no possibility. Without potential loss, no prize…”