Omar, Greggs and McNulty come together in Baltimore for a Wire reunion

Dominic West, Michael K Williams, Sonja Sohn and Andre Royo join series creator David Simon to read monologues written by Baltimore's residents in the aftermath of the April protests

“The Wire is back in Baltimore!” That was the message cast member Sonja Sohn posted on Twitter as the cast reunited in the city following the riots earlier this spring.


Sohn, who played Officer Kima Greggs in the HBO series, joined fellow actors Michael K Williams (who played charismatic stick-up man Omar), Andre Royo (heroin addict ‘Bubbles’) and Larry Gilliard Jr. (drug dealer D’Angelo Barksdale) in the city last weekend to highlight Baltimore’s hopes and challenges following the death of Freddie Gray in April. 

Dominic West and series creator David Simon sent video messages for the event Wired Up, which saw the actors read out monologues written by real-life Baltimore residents about their experiences in the city.

“We can’t wait for more people to die,” cast member Sohn said at the event, referring . “We can’t wait for any more black men to die at the hands of police officers who were acting irresponsibly.

“That’s why we put this event together. We’re actors, and what we can do is to build a platform to raise voices that need to be heard.”


This isn’t the first time the fictional crime series has confronted real events in the city. Creator Simon used to work as a reporter for the Baltimore Sun, and met President Barack Obama recently to talk about United States drug policy.